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Reconnaissance Soil Mapping

It pays to investigate first!

Certified Professional Soil Scientists

are experts in determining Hydric Soil Indicators.

Consultation Based on Soil Science

Soil Inventory

When you buy land, you buy soil. It pays to investigate first! Land development without soil inventory is a wasted effort!

Sewage Systems

Know all of your sewage system design options before starting a project. Avoid paying the SEO and excavator fees TWICE!


We specialize in soil profile descriptions for deep test pits, prepared by a Certified Professional Soil Scientist.


Since 1985, we have successfully defended hundreds of our wetland delineations with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Expert Soil Consulting

High intensity soil survey mapping and interpretations, combining National Cooperative Soil Survey Standards with permit-driven site criteria.

  • Alluvial soils
  • Colluvial soils
  • Percent slope
  • Seasonal high water table
  • Depth to bedrock
  • Drainage class
  • Prime agricultural soils
  • Municipal land development review services, and ordinance oversight.
  • Expert Testimony