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Sewage Systems

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Soil Testing, Sewage Facilities Planning, Professional Design

Know all of your options!

Don’t settle for an elevated sand mound bed, simply because the SEO established a suitable site. There are many design options in Pennsylvania. We can help you to consider all conventional and alternate system types as well as placement options. Starting your project with a consulting soil scientist could eliminate the need to pay SEO and excavator fees twice.

We specialize in creative placement and “shoe-horn fit” designs for septic systems! We do not give up!

  • Preliminary soil inventory, before your Sewage Enforcement Officer (SEO) visit
  • Official test pit documentation with your SEO and/or DEP
  • Staking, locating, and plotting each proposed absorption area (labeled stakes, laser level & taping, GPS survey, permanent buried steel at corners for future reference)
  • Soil morphological assessment reports for alternate system types such as drip dispersal, and shallow limiting zone systems
  • Permeability testing, hydrogeological studies for larger systems (see below)
  • Small Flow Treatment Facility Permits (stream discharge)

One-Lot Residential SystemS

  • New & Repair

Commercial Systems

  • High BOD (biological oxygen demand) such as food establishments.
  • Large flows, & multiple uses.


  • Decentralized wastewater treatment (off the “big pipe” sewer) – Beneficial for regional groundwater recharge.
  • Subdivisions & Land Development:

We “coach” municipal officials to process your permit application or planning module within the regulatory timeframes.

Download Our Graphic of Septic System Design Choices in Pennsylvania

The Land Development Train
and Planning Modules

Sewage System Designs

We design all conventional and alternate sewage system types allowed in Pennsylvania.

  • Our design plans meet engineering standards. Our plans are colorful, user-friendly, technically complete, to-scale, and include top and side view profiles, derived from real field stake-outs.
  • REPAIRS: For qualified repair sites that do not fit all of the Chapter 73 rules, we apply “Technical Decision-Making” (TDM) and “Best Technical Guidance” (BTG) protocols to design “Site-Specific” and “Experimental” systems.  When sufficient suitable soils cannot be found to provide a solution, we can pursue a permit for a Small Flow Treatment Facility (stream discharge).  On rare occasions, lots can be prepared for future sewage systems using “controlled soil fill” program, under the supervision of a Certified Professional Soil Scientist.
  • We offer construction oversight. Following construction, we offer operation, maintenance, monitoring, and reporting through our Mountain Wastewater Management division.
Do not be persuaded to dump soil on a failed site for a 4-year wait!! Talk to us first!

Geological and Hydrogeologic Services

  • Hydrogeologic investigations for community or large volume sewage disposal systems, including groundwater mounding, nitrate plume analysis, hydraulic conductivity, groundwater monitoring programs, monitoring well installations, boring logs, water sampling and lab analysis.
  • Groundwater and surface water quality and quantity assessments.