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Soil Services Company, Inc. is a Pennsylvania corporation founded in 1984 by Laurel F. Mueller, a Certified Professional Soil Scientist / Soil Classifier. Originally based in Penns Park, Bucks County, the firm relocated in 1999 to a family farm in Forksville, Sullivan County, in the heart of the Endless Mountains.   In 2014, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett recognized Laurel for Entrepreneurial leadership as a “Governor’s ImPAct Award” winner.

PAPSS Ebensburg, O E Bh Bs croppedSoil Services provides professional consultation services in soil science, geomorphology, hydrogeology, environmental inventory, and assessment of natural land features. Our staff scientists and associates manage all aspects of environmental permitting.  bttn_brochure

Soil Services specializes in soil-based solutions for difficult sewage system repairs (large and small) and “sewage facility planning” for complex and large residential and commercial  projects, often with community systems.  Our planning team includes soil scientists, designers, a sanitary engineer and hydrogeologists.  Our staff of licensed PA SEOs do not contract with municipalities for regulatory enforcement.

Our reconnaissance mapping of soils and landscapes results in a detailed site plan that enables our clients (and their surveyors and engineers) to coordinate wastewater treatment, stormwater infiltration, and protection of waters and wetlands. Soil Services Company, Inc. provides field determinations, site inspections, second opinions, and expert testimony.


The photo to the left depicts “spodic” soil horizons, typical of native northeastern Pennsylvania forests, which can be acid and sandy.  The surface is organic humus (decayed conifer needles & oak leaves).  The “E” horizon is gray because it has been leached of iron oxides.  The “Bs” horizon below the “E” is bright reddish brown because it has accumulated iron oxides.  This horizon sequence indicates that this soil has never been plowed, and is in excellent condition.

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2851Mountain Wastewater Management (MWM) is our division is for sales and service, especially for alternate technology sewage system components. 

After decades of consulting in soil investigations and sewage system design, Soil Services’ staff developed a specialization in onlot alternate technology systems, advanced pre-treatment, community systems, and high strength wastewater BOD reduction.  When our permitted designs were ready for installation, installer-contractors would not know where to find new and different products.   With maintenance required as a permit condition for many systems, there were no services available in our rural part of Pennsylvania.

That is why we created Mountain Wastewater Management – For Product Sales and Service.

Our product line is expanding, as are our manufacturer authorizations to sell and to provide installation oversight and O&M service.

We have an ethical commitment to our consulting clients to educate about ALL OPTIONS for design, whether we  are able to sell product or not. 

Serving as manufacturer’s representative and taking a leadership role for components has changed our relationship with other designers.  It is our goal to enhance the skills, and to educate, other designers of alternate sewage systems.MWM button for download

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